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Register your supervisors and crew for the Inaugural class of the METALFOCUS SAFETY CERTIFICATION ONLINE MASTER PROGRAM, the essential on-demand safety training program custom tailored to the unique risks and challenges of the metal construction industry. 

Mix and match sessions to suit your schedule and fulfill your personal metal safety training needs.

Earn 10 AIA HSW LU Credits / CEU's by Registering for the Full Program OR 1 Credit each course! 

To attain your certificates of attendance for each course, email [email protected] with your session title(s) for a link to the survey. Upon completion of the survey, you will be redirected to download your certificate.


Individual courses priced at $30, pick a pack and save!
1 COURSE: $30
3 COURSE PACK: $80 (Save $10)
5 COURSE PACK: $125 (Save $25)
10 COURSE PACK: $250 (Save $50)

Group pricing is available!
Mix and match courses to suite your group size and ensure every member of your team gets the METALFOCUS® Safety training they need. Contact Kalyn Burke at [email protected] or call her directly at 857-255-3341

Your METALFOCUS® Safety Program Instructor

Craig Shaffer President, SafetyWorks, Inc

Craig is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) with over 30 years of occupational safety and health experience in the construction and manufacturing industries.  He is an authorized instructor for construction OSHA-10 & OSHA-30 courses.

Invest in your people, your profitability and your reputation in the metal industry by putting safety first! Multi-Course discounts will be automatically calculated as you select your courses below.

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  • OSHA's Steel Erection Standard — qualifies for 1 AIA HSW LU

    -Scope if what & who it covers
    -Why important (special fall protection provisions)
    -Site controlling contractor responsibilities
    -When OSHA requires an erection plan
    -Brief review of other key standard provisions

    Price $30.00

  • Fall Protection Planning — qualifies for 1 AIA HSW LU

    -Identifying your job tasks
    -What are my fall protection options (what will OSHA allow)
    -Selecting & locating anchor points
    -Total fall distance considerations
    -Fall rescue

    Price $30.00

  • Hot Work and Hot Work Permits — qualifies for 1 AIA HSW LU

    -What exactly is considered "hot work" & why is a permit required?
    -Areas where hot work is prohibited or requires a permit
    -Hot work personnel roles & responsibilities
    -Understanding the HW permit, its importance, & how to complete it
    -Fire watch requirements

    Price $30.00

  • Rigging Safety Considerations — qualifies for 1 AIA HSW LU

    -Causes of hoisting activity death & serious injury
    -What your rigging plan should address
    -Rigging qualifications & basics your riggers should know
    -Rigging inspections

    Price $30.00

  • Crane Operations & Lift Planning — qualifies for 1 AIA HSW LU

    -What your lift plan should address
    -Critical Lifts
    -Crane operators & inspections
    -Qualified signal persons
    -Working safely around cranes

    Price $30.00

  • Supervisor Safety Responsibilities — qualifies for 1 AIA HSW LU

    -10 key supervisor safety responsibilities
    -What OSHA expects of you
    -Employee rights, responsibilities, and protections you need to understand
    -Jobsite inspection & multi-employer worksite safety responsibilities
    -Effective daily huddles & toolbox talks

    Price $30.00

  • Project Safety Planning — qualifies for 1 AIA HSW LU

    -Purpose & usefulness of project safety planning
    -The "dangerous dozen"
    -What should we be planning?
    -Aids using cheatsheets, forms, permits, JSAs, apps, and other tools
    -Using the safety precon to coordinate project safety planning

    Price $30.00

  • Job Safety Analysis — qualifies for 1 AIA HSW LU

    -What is a JSA & when might you be asked for one
    -JSA purpose & usefulness
    -Steps to completing a JSA
    -Other terms you may hear

    Price $30.00

  • Incident Reporting and Investigation — qualifies for 1 AIA HSW LU

    -Purpose & value of incident reporting & investigation
    -What incidents must be reported to OSHA
    -Questions that your report needs to answer
    -Processes of information gathering & storytelling
    -Analysis unsafe acts: multiple causation theory and contributing factors

    Price $30.00

  • Managing OSHA Inspections — qualifies for 1 AIA HSW LU

    -What triggers an OSHA inspection
    -Being prepared
    -Handling the arrival of inspector & opening conference
    -Tips during the inspection tour things we should do or not do
    -The closing conference and inspection follow up

    Price $30.00

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